Andrew J. Summerson
Apatheia and Interpreting Human Experience: Body, Soul, and Apatheia in Maximus the Confessor’s Quaestiones ad Thalassium

Eastern Theological Journal 5 (2019) 2, 237-257.


    1. From Gnostic Apathy to Stoic Good Emotions: The Philosophical Background of Apatheia in Maximus the Confessor;
    1.1. Balthasar’s Misread of Apatheia in Maximus;
    1.2 Stoic and Christian Apatheia;
    2. Ignorance of God and the Re-education of the Passions in Quaestiones Ad Thalassium;
    3. Apatheia as the Perfection of Human Emotion;
    4. From Earthly Passion to Divinized Emotion: The Case of Grief