Matteo Monfrinotti
Pseudo Cipriano: note di cristologia nelle opere antigiudaiche

Eastern Theological Journal 8 (2022) 1, 25-44.


    1. L’identificazione dello Spirito santo con il Figlio di Dio; 1.1 Dal De montibus all’Ad Vigilium de iudaica incredulitate 7; 2. Il Risorto apre il Nuovo Testamento e rivela i perfecta; 2.1 Adversus Iudaeos 5: il Risorto apre il Nuovo Testamento; 2.2 De Pascha computus 17: il Risorto mostra che tutto in lui è compiuto; In conclusione


    The paper discusses the Christological reflections in the anti- Jewish works attributed to Pseudo-Cyprian, that is: De duobus montibus; Ad Vigilium episcopum de iudaica incredulitate; Adversus Iudaeos; De Pascha computus. These four works present a number of Christological elements, which can be categorised according to two different theological tendencies: the first identifies the Holy Spirit with the Son of God, while the second insists on how the resurrected Christ accomplished the “revelation”. These writings are not only controversial, but also definitely apologetic. Their Christological reflections, which are prompted by the anti-Jewish polemics preserved in them, claim the Messianic-Christological truth to be an essential key to understand the history of salvation.